Thursday, June 25, 2009

7/13 Meeting and Possible Fall Events & Projects

Our first meeting of the 09'-10' academic year will be held on Monday, July 13th from 11am-12:30pm in the 3rd flr conference rm in Craig-Lee.

Congratulations and welcome, new members! If you didn't get the chance to meet your fellow members last semester, please consider attending the meeting on July 13th. We'll be planning Fall events, and we'd like your input. Additionally, consider becoming a "Follower" of this blog (by clicking on the Follow button on the left side of the screen and entering your email info) and/or adding it to your RSS feed to keep informed about chapter projects/events.

Friends and Faculty- We are all grateful for your support over the past year and a half! We look forward to seeing you at our events this year! Consider becoming a "Follower" of this blog and/or adding it to your RSS feed.

Here are some of the possible projects and events under consideration for the Fall semester:

Banned Book Week (September 26th- October 3rd)- Staged reading of a banned book, possibly in conjunction with a short intro on censorship by a student or member of the Faculty. Help us decide which book(s) to read. We are looking for a book or select passages from books that can be read within a two-three hour time frame (for an evening event) or within a one-two hour time frame (for a Wednesday afternoon event.) (FYI: Ulysses, which seems to be everyone's favorite banned book, requires at least 6 hours.) Let us know if you're interested in giving a short talk on censorship.

National Day of Writing (October 29th)- It would be great if we could mark this year's National Day of Writing by taking part in a community service project. The scale of the project could be small or large. We'll be discussing ideas on July 13th.

Professor Talks- Last year's "Professor Talks" monthly discussion series was a great success. We will continue the series this year. "Professor Talks" is about providing a space where a member of the faculty comes in as an individual-- a highly trained individual-- who shares stories about what things like scholarly work and being an English professor mean to her/him. The talks are very informal. They are always interesting, informative, and fun. If you haven't been to one, you should definitely plan on it. Highly recommended!

Scrabble Night- There will be multiple boards, light refreshments, and, perhaps, some prizes. Your only task will be to choose your words.

There will be many opportunites for members who are interested in chairing or co-chairing an event or project. Let us know if you have any event or project ideas.

Thanks for reading. We'll update after July 13th.

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Veronica said...

Looking forward to discussing these fantastic ideas at the July meeting! There's real potential here not only to build up our chapter, but to have a greater visible presence on campus. Not to mention - we'll have *fun* with these events!! Hoping to see you all there - especially our newest members!! :)